Personal Message

A Note from Carmen

Deeply attached to all that is beauty in man and nature, I have, for as long as I remember, been an inveterate lover of self-improvement, constantly looking for those magical ingredients that produce the perfect blend: a person enjoying life to its full. I became an untamed collector of pictures and articles depicting persons, places and achievements. It is now my turn, with the help of my camera, to bring my perspective!

Swimming, tennis and yoga are ways I privilege to get my body and mind in close harmony in face of challenges and difficulties. In 1993, during my stay in Paris, I discovered the joys of molding potteries and am still attached to this creative pleasure. Playing the piano since I was eight years old and being a scout in my adolescence, undoubtedly made me change the way I valued life.

I was born in Lebanon, lived in Brazil and France, and constantly travel between those countries. Married to a Lebanese-Armenian dentist living in Boston, the United States and Armenia are two more destinations to add to my address book and passport.

Having both nationalities Lebanese and Brazilian, I have relentlessly wandered between hobbies, jobs, countries and choices, always longing for new horizons.
My pursuit of happiness and perfection leads me to discover that interior serenity, positive attitude and strong belief in inner and outer powers can bring you to see life in its brightest colors and greatest shapes. Furthermore, they enable you to defy what you once saw as the impossible. I know it for sure: I did it! With a camera! And a vision!

My quest has not yet ended. In fact, I am that eternal seeker of happiness and inner peace; this search became stronger and deeper with the arrival of my son and my daughter who are taking me with them into a journey of new discoveries. The world has got more bright colors.