LUMENS is an audiovisual production society particularly specialized in Documentary Films. She affirms her Leadership position since her films are always broadcasted at prime time and arouse a great success in her subjects’ choices, her conception, her handling, her direction and her production.

Committed in the path of the production’s new techniques, LUMENS always seeks perfection in the projects’ finalization.

First there’s passion: the passion of saying and expressing, seducing and convincing, affirming its existence and proclaiming its difference. So, equiped with a camera and a vision, the dream turns into reality.
Our documentaries exhaust subjects frequently considered sensitive and taboos. They call for discoveries and suspense.

There is no pre-arranged formula to direct a documentary. However, every project we produce requires a methodological approach as much as imagination. We are here to listen, observe, anticipate, invent an appropriate writing and filming apparatus, adapt ourselves to the unforseen and to various constraints.

From conception to directing to finalization, LUMENS has to be able to translate with high precision, all the production’s necessary steps.

Beyond its vision, there’s the impression that the documentary releases the imaginary it evokes, the truth it reveals. Beyond its character, there’s the sensibility and authenticity of the information and facts.

An idea is good, but you should be able to direct it and produce it; because we don’t cheat with an idea, we are loyal to it. LUMENS touchs reality, but frequently the unforseen and the impossible too.